I’m speaking at Nomad PHP: Banishing Loops with Functional Programming

I’ve written a couple posts here on WPShout about functional programming, the best of which is “Gentle Introduction to Functional PHP for WordPress Developers: Using Filter and Map on Arrays of Posts“. That post inspired me to give a conference talk, which got me invited to give a talk at the Nomad PHP online users-group. Nomad PHP has a small fee to see live talks, but it’s a nice little community and certainly for a talk that interests you well worth the largely nominal event charge.

This Thursday, I’ll be giving a talk entitled “Banishing Loops with Functional Programming” there. The talk covers why and how functional programming can help us make better PHP code, how collection libraries help us do that, and how this new way of thinking can better arm us to write code we’re not scared to come back to in a few months.

Please consider attending 🙂

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