How to Write and Run Shell Scripts

I really appreciated this little summary about how to make BASH scripts from Lara Schenck. People will be all over the map in terms of where they come to the concept of “shell scripting” or “run a command on the terminal,” but if these concepts are pretty new to you, Lara’s article is approachable and brings you along from “I kind of know what that is” to “I’ve written a simple script.”

And if the concepts are familiar to you, I actually still think Lara’s article is worth a read because it goes into details most other tutorials skip. For example, I’d been using shell scripts for a while before I heard the term “shebang”:

Shebang – The syntax #! is called a shebang. A shell script must begin with this syntax so the machine knows which language you are using for your script. The #! is followed by the path to the interpreter for the scripting language. For bash (on Unix operating systems), this is #!/bin/bash.

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