How to Start a Blog

A really good “how to start a blog” post from a site and team that knows its stuff.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been consistently impressed with how the CodeinWP team has built out a top-quality content marketing operation (fwiw – I also work with them). The site has content on WordPress, remote working, and content marketing, and the standout feature is often it’s really good, with both the actual content and the post design/reading experience done really well.

The other impressive item is the forward-thinking, and willingness to buck trends. This is the case with this “how to start a blog” series: nearly every single post on this topic is trying to sell you WordPress hosting, and is remarkably short on insight. This, thankfully, isn’t the case here. The series has some great insight on how to start, run, and monetise a blog, based on insight from a team that’s doing just that really well.

And, whilst it does talk about hosting, the recommendation is for SiteGround (who we use and love too), and there’s not even an affiliate link on it. Great insights, and well worth a read if you’re starting or trying to run a WordPress-based blog.

This post first appeared in MasterWP, a weekly newsletter for WordPress professionals.

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