How to Run an Inclusive Conference

Inclusivity is a great goal for any event that’s open to anyone who doesn’t know each other well. I feel like one of the many small steps one can take to decrease the feeling of loneliness people experience as remote technical teams is making sure that when you are in person the atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable for everyone.

This list of changes or ideas for conference organizers (and attendees) to make sure that their conference is as welcome as possible is great for exactly that reason. I love that this list supports for people with disabilities is just a small part of the list. But to give you sense of the scope of the list, here’s that segment:

  • Live captioning in talks
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Use microphones and hearing loops
  • Look after service animals in your venue
  • Preferred seating for people with vision/mobility issues
  • Provide detail about “wheelchair accessibility”
  • Encourage speakers to think about accessibility in their slides
  • Remind able-bodied attendees not to interfere
  • Have sufficient breaks between sessions

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