How Quick is WordPress Plugin Auto-Updating?

As you might have noticed, in WordPress 5.5 you can now tell WordPress itself to keep specific plugins up to do. This is a great feature and one that I’m eager to turn on for more than a few plugins on more than a few sites (that is: all plugins on most of my sites). The security boon of knowing that all the plugins on all yours sites are just always up-to-date outweighs my light concern about one of those sites unexpectedly breaking with a bad update. (That totally happens, but quite rarely in my experience. And usually I can quickly solve the issues.)

Anyway, I thought it was interesting to see Chris Hardie’s exploration of how long it takes from the the time a plugin is updated until a WordPress site will have pulled-in that plugin update. Here’s the punchline:

As we’ve seen, it can take up to 12 hours between when a plugin author releases a new version and when your WordPress site tries to install that new version using auto-updates.

In some cases, it might be much faster, even just a few minutes. In other cases, it might be much longer, even a day or two.

That said I learned a lot from Chris’s article, so definitely check it out. The idea that WordPress’s has baked urgency awareness into core updates was new to me, and also really cool.

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