How Much Do WordPress Developers Make? And More

I received with great interest this latest post from the folks over at Delicious Brains. They successfully highlighted the most compelling part of their data to me: how much money people who identify as WordPress developers make. But more than that, they also captured a number of other interesting facts and figures about the roughly 400 people who answered their survey.

A few of the things that I found interested (and a little analysis of it):

  • They skewed heavily to 30-49 year old men from North America and Europe. This fits the industry as a whole, for better and worse.
  • The vast majority people who responded said they’d been coding for more than 8 years.
  • Yet, only about half of respondents said that coding was their first job. (The breakdown of the prior work is interesting and fun, but a reason for you to click through 🤓)
  • There was a fairly even split between “I’m employed by someone else” and “I’m self-employed.”
  • Of those who replied on the money question (while it’s the headline stat, I’d feel remiss if I left you hanging), a quick analysis points to a mean salary of about $50,000 US. A lot of the low end are people who are probably hobbyists, and the high end shows a good chunk of people (roughly 10%) reporting over $100,000 in salary.

Hopefully I got you interested enough to click through. I felt like I could have summarized every point Callie made in the article, as both their survey and charts were quite good. But for precisely that reason I want to make sure you look yourself.

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