Why Every WordPress Freelancer Should Have a ‘How I Work’ Manifesto

Set expectations about when you work.

This is a solid post from Dean at WP Buffs, who makes the case for freelancers to set out a “how I work” document which sets client expectations. Proactively setting these expectations lets you as the contractor define when you’re working, when you’re available, and how clients can get in touch with you.

With these expectations set, most clients will respect the boundaries, won’t have a problem with you not getting back to them at the weekend, and are thus much more likely to have a great experience with you.

Doing this kind of thing can be hard when you’re getting started; when I was first freelancing I definitely worked and responded to requests all the time. But, I can draw a fairly strong line between doing this kind of expectation setting so that I could set up my work time to do my best work ? going from “freelancer” to “in-demand consultant” ? “running a small agency”, which is where we are now. There’s obviously more to it than this, but letting yourself do your best work is certainly in your interest and your clients’ interest in the long run.

This post first appeared in MasterWP, a weekly newsletter for WordPress professionals.

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