Hack at Slack

There are a number of different reasons I wanted to share this article about the programming language “Hack” here on Shout. The first one is just that I found it an interesting and pleasant conversation of the use and benefit of the (poorly named) PHP-like language that arrived in the world when Facebook’s PHP performance bottlenecks started to bother them too much.

The other reason I share it: I didn’t realize that Hacklang (officially “Hack” but good luck search the internet for that ;p) was used by anyone who wasn’t Facebook. There was a brief craze for the PHP-compatible Hack-running HHVM a few years back in the PHP community. But then HHVM (and with it Hack) quickly fell from my consciousness when its promised PHP-compatibility lost out to the PHP community’s newfound vigor to make the language itself faster.

But this story about how (and why) Slack is using Hacklang really caught my eye for that reason. We use Slack all the time, so knowing that it’s got some Hack not PHP in it make me think a little more (and again) that I want to give that language a second look. (As if I’ve not already self-assigned more homework than I can ever complete 🤪)

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