The Gutenberg Conversation Gets Spicy at WP Tavern

The Gutenberg Bible

If you’ve been following the development of the Gutenberg post editor, you may enjoy the lively discussion happening on the subject at WP Tavern.

Sarah Gooding of the Tavern summarized Matt Mullenweg’s post “We Called it Gutenberg for a Reason,” defending the Gutenberg project and outlining Matt’s hopes for a new editor. The article touches on major themes in the Gutenberg discussion:

  • Questions about Automattic’s interests and role in the development of
  • ReactJS licensing issues
  • Impact on the existing WordPress theme and plugin ecosystem

The comments section below the article (and, of course, on Matt’s original post) is a lively and very interesting kaleidoscope of community perspectives on the issue—highly recommended skimming.

I’ve been thinking about the post editing and content creation experience in WordPress for a long time, and I definitely see a Gutenberg article brewing. For the time being, though, I’d encourage you to read the article and comments and see where people are at.

Image credit: starfire2k

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