Good Interview with Matt Mullenweg & Josepha Haden Chomposy

I really enjoyed watching this little interview with between Mark & Keith from Highrise Digital and Matt Mullenweg and Josepha Haden Chomposy (who are probably the two most influential people shaping WordPress today). Nothing that anyone said was really a surprise or revelation to me, but it was all helpful and “orienting” to hear again what their thought process is, what’s been happening lately, etc.

For myself, I actually left the interview thinking that “the future or WordPress themes” is even to these important and influential people still an open question. Which I think is both appropriate and a bit annoying. I seems clear that “full-site editing” is reshaping themes in important ways, but not knowing where we’re going leaves one a little unsure what to do. But it also means there’s time to jump in and influence the direction, if that’s something you’ve got interest and time for 🤓

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