The Go Programming Language for PHP Developers

I’m very interested in other programming languages. Sometimes my interest lacks follow-through. (I’ve intended to learn a list of languages and tools longer than my arm, I’ve really tried hard to learn about 5.)

Despite (or because) of that, I was very interested to read Peter Tasker’s post over at Delicious Brains about getting into Go as a PHP developer. Part of this is because I consider myself a PHP developer, and I’ve been vaguely interested in Go for years. Part of it is that I’ve seen Peter speak and found him good. And part of it is that I started to read the article and didn’t stop to the end.

Quoting Peter, here’s the short version of why you might care about Go:

If you’re not familiar with Go (also called Golang), it is a programming language created by some folks at Google in 2009. A lot of large, household name companies are switching parts of their software over to Go. Shopify has a database migration tool they’ve built using Go, Basecamp has incrementally switched from Ruby to Go and even Twitter has gotten on the Go train in 2015 with it’s “Answers” analytics platform. Chances are if you look under the hood of most larger companies these days you’ll find some Go.

Go is statically typed, compiled and honestly, pretty straightforward to learn. It’s not as verbose as PHP in some areas, but not quite as minimal as Ruby or Python.

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