Generate Customizable PDFs from Your Posts with WordPress PDF Templates

wordpress post to pdf

I have a client who needs to be able to create PDFs of his WordPress posts, including for custom post types that he specifies. I tried a few solutions, and WordPress PDF Templates is definitely the best I’ve found.

There’s a lot about this plugin I love: The /pdf/ endpoint it creates at the end of each post; the clean and easily extensible code (which, among other things, lets you dictate which post types are eligible for conversion into PDFs); and, most of all, the ability to specify how the PDFs themselves come out looking (and add special CSS styles, include post meta, etc.) within PHP templates using a template hierarchy that the plugin is built to respect.

WordPress PDF Templates is cleanly built and works great. It (plus ACF for custom data) is now my definite go-to for a client who needs on-demand PDFs built using WordPress site data.

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  • Fred Meyer says:

    Hi Mati, Recent updates are a good thing to look for, but a plugin that hasn’t been updated in a while isn’t the load, unambiguous “AVOID” that people sometimes believe. 🙂 This is especially true for plugins that hook into parts of WordPress’s functionality that change little or at all across WordPress versions, as is the case here.

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