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After (possibly) months of development and endless Twitter updates, my new WordPress theme framework, Biblioteca, is here. I’ve got a heck of a lot to say about this, so first we’ll have a look at the features.

The features

Biblioteca is a theme framework. But it’s not like Thematic of Hybrid, nor is it trying to be. I like to think of Biblioteca as a theme framework for designers. And developers too. How? Biblioteca is based on the [wp] theme, which in turn was based on Mimbo. I took the [wp] theme and added a whole host of advanced features, making it great for the average end user but also great for designers and developers. The original aim for the theme was to “provide rapid developnent for future themes” with a ton of options for the end user. Let’s delve into the features:

  • A practical theme framework that offers a solid starting point for any WordPress theme.
  • Plug and play – works out of the box, with an extensive options page.
  • Awesome SEO. Everyone talks about their theme having ‘awesome SEO’, but Biblioteca doesn’t just let you believe it, it has options for setting the post title and description.
  • Featured content gallery – Biblioteca uses Chris Coyier’s jQuery slider.
  • Extensive options page – pictured below, the options page lets you change a ton of options, from the width of the sidebar to the contents of the footer to the ads in the sidebar to your Analytics tracking code.
  • Magazine look – you want a fancy featured content gallery? Biblioteca has one. Enable/disable it from the opions page.
  • Tech blog look – you want a couple of posts featured below the main featured content gallery? Biblioteca has got one of them; it’s widgetised too.
  • Bloggy look – you just want a blog? Biblioteca can do that as well. Just set the options in the options panel.
  • Drop down navigationBiblioteca has some rather nice drop down navigation.
  • A ton of widgets – Biblioteca has an ever expanding number of widget ready areas in all sorts of places that allow you to easily pop text just about anywhere.
  • Fancy footer – the three column footer here on [wp] is often complimented and you too can have one – Biblioteca has one which you can enable/disable from the options page.
  • Auto image resizing – set an image to display on the homepage and it’ll automatically resize itself.
  • Multiple layouts – through the options panel you can change the layout, having
  • The list goes on – just download it and see for yourself!

The options page

Perhaps Biblioteca‘s crowning feature, the options page, as I’ve previously mentioned, has a ton of options. See for yourself:


Biblioteca also has in post SEO options which allow you to change things such as the title tag and meta description:


Check out the demo here.

Read more

Support, licensing, FAQs etc are all on this page.


To download the theme, click here. It’d be great if you [s] and [t] too in order to be notified of updates and tutorials showing you how to use the theme. Whilst you’re here, why not check out the other great stuff [wp] has to offer? Popular articles include:

That’s all for now. Be sure to check back regularily for updates!

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