Free Online PDF Editing with PDFEscape

Earlier this week, a new client asked me to sign an NDA. Ignoring why that’s a bad sign (as usual, the client wasn’t Elon Musk or someone with actual secrets that I could steal and sell at a profit), let’s talk about what it means: signing and returning a PDF before you can get paid for client work.

For this and a million other little needs—W-9s, contracts, tax returns—I’ve found PDFEscape to be a lifesaver. It’s a free in-browser application that lets you upload a PDF, add arbitrary text and images to it, and then download the modified PDF. I’ve got a scanned PNG image of my signature, so I can use the image uploader to sign PDFs that are sent to me. The upshot is that PDFEscape pretty much eliminates the need for me to own a scanner.

If you’re printing PDFs and scanning them, or if you’re thinking about paying for an expensive PDF editing suite, please give PDFEscape a look!

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