Find the WordPress Database Options Belonging to a Plugin

Great little guide from Mike at WP Bullet about how to figure out, using WP-CLI and grep the options that are related to a specific WordPress plugin. There’s nothing here that surprised me. And I’ll not that you can do effectively the same thing using any interface to the database data, including something like phpMyAdmin.

That said, this tutorial does a good job summarizing the basics of using two different tools you might not be completely familiar with for the sake of making progress on a specific goal: finding all the database value that came from a specific plugin. Because of the brevity of the tutorial, you’ll want to have a passing familiarity with the Unix command line before diving in, but with that you’ll be set to quickly understand and use the information. 🙂

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  • Jesse says:

    I use this trick all the time when our customers use themes security to obfuscate their admin and then forget what url they used!

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