Fewer Plugin Admin Banners? Yes Please

It looks like the WordPress.org plugin review team (which often means “Mika Epstein,” who is without a doubt the most dedicated and prominent member of said team) is looking to clarify and extend the guidelines about plugin admin notices in WordPress. You know those things that clutter up *a lot* of screens on *a lot* of the Dashboards of WordPress sites clients, friends, etc show you? Yes, let’s celebrate Mika’s pushing to clarify the rules and make these a little less common.

Mika’s work keeping the WordPress.org plugin directory sane is a huge boon to the community. She’s not alone in the work, but she’s at the forefront having the important conversations publicly and making sure that the guidelines are adhered to. And we all owe her a debt of gratitude for that.

I think this proposal all looks very good to me. And it doesn’t only change things around plugin notices, that’s just the biggest focus. In any case, it’s good to know what’s happening and changing, so I urge you to give the post a look.

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