Emulate Mobile Devices In-Browser with the Ripple Chrome Extension

This week, I had a client send me a bug that only appeared in iOS Safari. As much as I’d love to say “tell your visitors not to use iOS Safari,” it’s definitely a popular enough way to browse the web to merit fixing the bug.

The issue is that I don’t have ready access to an iPhone when my wife’s not home—and even then, I have no idea how to inspect things in iOS Safari to see what’s actually going on. What to do?

So I started searching browser-based emulators of mobile devices, and was surprised to learn that there’s basically nothing out there that’s very good, at least that I could find.

What I finally found is Ripple. It isn’t perfect, but it could at least reproduce the iPhone Safari bug. It’s free, as well, and sits nicely in a little Chrome extension that you can toggle on and off at any point. Worth a look anytime you run into mobile-device browser compatibility issues.

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