Easy Image Attribution in WordPress with Image Credits Nofollow

bizarre wordpress featured image

Using Creative Commons-licensed images lets you take advantage of the incredible diversity of stuff on the internet, without violating anyone’s intellectual property. It’s where we get most of our article featured images from, for example.

Of course, this being the internet, you want to make sure not to let your searches get too weird.

Most CC-licensed images have an attribution requirement, meaning that you have to properly credit the image source. That’s where Image Credits Nofollow comes in: it provides “Name” and “URL” credit fields in the media modal, and lets you control where image credits go (we put them after the main post content). The “nofollow” bit of its name refers to its default behavior of “nowfollow”ing links out to images, so that you don’t waste page rank pointing to, for example, random Flickr accounts.

All in all, a great plugin, and one we use multiple times a week. Have a look!

Image credit: peter castleton

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