Easy A/B Testing with Google Optimize

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I need to A/B test lots of parts of Writers.com, and I’ve been putting it off because I wasn’t sure which tool to use. Third-party SaaS solutions and WordPress plugins both feel to me like they’ll be a bummer to implement.

A recent conversation convinced me that Google’s A/B testing tool is the way to go. It piggybacks off Google Analytics (which, of course, we’re already using) so there’s no need to paste a bunch of new JavaScript snippets, trade API keys back and forth, install plugin folders, and so on. And it looks dead-simple to use, both from what my friend tells me and from what I’ve seen so far clicking around.

If you’re like me—if you’ve been putting off A/B testing stuff for like five years because it sounds like a bummer in practice—have a look at Google Optimize.

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