Dynamic Favicons for WordPress

I can’t be the only one who sometimes has dozens of tab open, all from my own WordPress site. And then I lose track of which I was seeing the public side of my site, vs the admin side where I writing a post, tweaking settings, etc.

It’s because of the (admittedly minor, but nonetheless real) headache of this that this little article from Thomas Park over at CSS-Tricks caught my eye. In it he explains how he uses a different color of SVG to allow him to distinguish (for example) these back-end tabs from the front-end ones. But what’s cool is that he even goes a step further, making different pages on the public side of his site have different (colored) favicons.

I admit the tab-finding problem is small and rare enough to me that I’m not adding implementing this to my to-do list anytime soon. But it sure is good to know that there’s a solution next time it really starts to frustrate me. 🙂

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