Deep work in practice for remote teams

Notes on working deeply in a remote team

Long-time readers will remember in 2016 I had a post, Deep Work in practice, hit the front page of Hacker News and enjoy fifty thousand or so visitors. That post discussed the idea of “Deep Work” and how to actually do it in practice (something the otherwise very good book of the same name is light on).

This post touches on similar themes, looking at how we do Deep Work in practice on the Ellipsis team, which has gone from just me to a team of three! We look at the what, the why, and the how. All three boil down to creating a remote work culture that’s really nice to work in, and project management system that supports you doing your best work rather than gettings in the way.

This is a fantastic philosophy of how to work effectively in the modern knowledge (WordPress) economy, so whether you’re looking at your own workflow or you happen to run a remote team, I’d definitely give this a read.

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