Dealing with Client Conflicts

I’m quite confident a lot of WPShout readers are doing at least a little bit of “client work.” Whatever way you do that—even if you don’t do it using WordPress—problems can crop up. Which is why I really appreciate this little article from Jennifer Bourn.

She covers a number of the facets of how to deal with conflicts that come up, including this thing that some conflict-avoidant souls (like me) may find a little surprising:

The good news is that client conflict isn’t always a bad thing.

Managing client conflict the right way can turn a negative situation into a positive one. Your response can solidify your position as leader of the project, reinforce your expertise, and build greater trust with your client. Plus, by addressing potential conflict immediately, you can salvage client relationships worth saving and end those that are toxic before they devolve into a situation that could harm your brand.

She goes on to enumerate ways you can handle conflict poorly, as well as some of the ways that you can healthily cope in a difficult situation. Definitely give it a read.

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