ColorPic: A Good Free Color Picker for Windows

“What color is that?” You’ll be asking this question a lot if you’re a WordPress developer, or a four-year-old. If you happen to be a developer, you won’t have an all-knowing adult to answer you.

The next best thing is ColorPic, a simple, free downloadable desktop app for Windows. ColorPic can:

  1. Find the color (HTML hex or RGB) of any pixel on your computer screen.
  2. Help you alter the color of any color you’ve chosen by altering things like hue, saturation, value, and red/green/blue individually, including with draggable sliders.
  3. Build out saveable palettes of different color sets.

ColorPic is Windows-only, so I’ve done a bit of Googling for similar tools for Macs; here’s what I’ve found.


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