Coding Advice for Those Who Think They Suck at Code

Found from Ben in the MasterWP newsletter, I love this hilariously short bit of advice about how to be a better programmer. In it, Pete Shirley, who calls himself “a poor programmer” says it’s helped him as someone who thinking they’re in the bottom quartile of all programmers. I kind of doubt he really is, because the advice is way better that what a lot of “elite” programmers tell you about. And it’s very approachable.

Here’s his preamble

I am a poor programmer.  Ask anyone who has worked on group projects with me.

But the key compensation is I am aware I am a poor programmer.  I do not try to do anything fancy.  I follow some heuristics that keep me productive IMO.  I think these heuristics are in fact good for all programmers, but are essential for those of us in the bottom quartile.

Because I don’t want to spoil the whole list, I’ll just tell you that it’s 8 things and that it’ll take you under a minute to read.

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