This Code Sucks: A Story About Non-violent Communication

Yesterday I stumbled over this talk by Nadia Odunayo while on Twitter. It highlights to things I care about a lot, being nice and talking about feelings. What her short (under 20 minute) talk does a great job of covering is the high-level of what Non-violent Communication is, how it differs from what most people are used to, and why it matters.

I know that people come here for tech tutorials and there’s a tendency among people doing this to see talks about non-technical topics as less-valuable than those which explain how to best harness your quantum tera-boops (or whatever ;p). But non-violent communication is a great skill when applied well. It’s not an easy practice, but it’s really useful to understand and to know. It wasn’t a revolution, but reading the book really helped me think more clearly about how I talk and when conversations don’t work.

Give the talk a watch. Please. It just might change how you talk to your co-workers, your spouse, your kids, and more.

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