Chris Coyier on Learning WordPress Themes Now

For those who haven’t been knocking around the WordPress sphere for a long time, there’s a possibility that the name “Chris Coyier” and CSS-Tricks isn’t so well known. Chris is great, generous thoughtful guy, and if you’ve got a front-end interest at all, you really should be following CSS-Tricks. To a degree rare in the world CSS-Tricks is just a consistently useful, modest, and modern place to read about all the parts of WordPress development, CSS very much included (though hardly the only topic).

I was tickled that we here at WPShout got cited in this guide he’s put together for people looking to learn WordPress development in 2020. My friend Jeremy swears by a guide Chris put together over a decade ago, now lost to history in the sands of rapid technology changes.

But I really link Chris’s guide because it strikes me as uniquely fully existing in the year 2020. A lot of content like this (ours sometimes included 😳) misses the latest updates. So it’s good to learn but not the-latest-and-greatest. Anyway, even if you already fancy yourself a WordPress developer I think this guide will maybe teach you a thing or two. Enjoy 🙂

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