Caldera Forms Integrates with Divi

Caldera Forms

On Friday, I posted about Caldera Forms, and how it’s the one well-functioning form plugin I’ve found that has a working responsive grid system.

As a follow-up, here’s a bit of news about its first premium third-party integration: a Style Customizer for the Divi theme, which makes Caldera Forms’ styling integrate more smoothly with Divi.

I don’t like Divi at all, so this doesn’t mean “start using Divi”—actually, stop using Divi! But, of course, if I were going to integrate my own form plugin with one theme, why not make it what seems to be the most-used theme in the world?

I’m more posting for two main reasons:

  1. I believe that targeted integrations between plugins that display on the front-end—especially form plugins and page builders—and themes is one of the only ways WordPress can keep pace with Squarespace and similar hosted site solutions. So this is nice to see from Caldera, even if I wish we could find a way to pick a better winner on the theme side.
  2. It’s worth supporting anything Josh Pollock does. The guy is a rock for the WordPress community.

Have a look!

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