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WordPress made easy, as a service – a fascinating product.

This is interesting from a product point of view: this “All in One WordPress Website Builder” came to my attention last week but seems to have been around for at least. It’s essentially “easy-to-use hosted WordPress as a service” (ETUHWAAS for short, which I’m sure will catch on).

You get Google Cloud powered hosting with Elementor and a bunch of plugins for anything between $10 and $100/month. This has a nice dashboard which has a WordPress installer, which presumably bundles a bunch of plugins. It’s not clear if you get the standard WordPress Dashboard or a simplified version, but everything else is “builder-ified”.

This is very much aimed at the mass market and “x million small businesses without a website” we hear about, and it’s interesting that its main selling point can be “WordPress is hard to use”, and that – as they’ve been around for over a year – that more or less by itself is a value proposition which stands up in the marketplace.

It’s also interesting how this is pieced together: you get a bunch of plugins bundled and the sales pitch leverages how many installs and reviews these plugins have as social proof for why their product is good. And yet, their bundled eCommerce solution is a plugin with only 1,000 active installs. It may well be a great plugin, but it’s curious such specific solutions are being chosen.

If you’re interested in products the execution of this is fascinating.

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