Brian Krogsgard’s interview with Matt Mullenweg, 2018 Recap

I’m cheered and hopeful that Mr. Krogsgard is correct and Post Status will soon return to form. (It kind of limped out of 2017 and into 2018, but Brian recently emailed members about his new dedication.) This interview with Matt makes me think it may well. An independent journalist who has smart opinions and pushes (at least) a little on someone as influential as Matt is A Good Thing™️.

This interview is mostly cordial, which may not be warrented, depending on how you’re feeling about Gutenberg et al right now. But I think Brian feels, as I do, that Matt genuinely takes seriously at least a little of the critique I highlighted last week about the way that WordPress 5.0 just casually dropped on the world.

You can consume the interview across a healthy variety of formats, I just listened to the podcast while working out. But here’s the video (little necessary information was missing on the audio, although I heard talk of screenshare):

On the whole, I was cheered that Brian was back. And that (about 20 minutes in) Matt acknowledges that the Q&A of his WCUS State of the Word had some pretty awkward elements where he didn’t clearly express his feelings. I think the answer on Brigit’s question of prioritizing things that companies don’t care about was still not as well-answered as I’d like. But I know it was a hard question, and at least the “only contributions that large corporations will pay someone to make are worthwhile” that one could have gotten from the answer was cleared away.

I came back from WCUS very tired. I’m an introvert, after all. But I’m also cheered that the most-painful parts of the Gutenberg transition are probably behind us, and despite a few issues that Fred highlighted is generally looking to be manageable.

If you watch one video from WCUS, it should probably be Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word talk. If you watch two, this should probably be #2.

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