“Beginning Graphic Design”: Free Video Introduction to Graphic Design

I’ve wanted to brush up my graphic design chops for quite a while—not to the point of actually becoming a graphic designer, but of more confidently standing in for one on projects that don’t need a full-time designer’s involvement.

Where I started this weekend was with “Beginning Graphic Design,” a wonderful series of four free YouTube videos by an organization called GCFLearnFree.org. In an efficient and engaging 30 minutes, these videos cover the basics of:

  1. Typography
  2. Color
  3. Layout and composition
  4. Using images

Watching through the videos, and seeing how good and bad design choices affected the professionalism and attractiveness of their sample layouts, gave me a lot of confidence that I do indeed grasp the fundamentals of design—and I learned a surprising number of helpful new concepts as well. Highly recommended.

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