Automattic Acquires MailPoet

Without knowing this news, MailPoet came up organically last night in a discussion we were having at the Fort Collins WordPress Meetup. Someone was looking to send an email newsletter from WordPress, and MailPoet was the option a few of us had heard of for that. (No one had used it.)

In light of that discussion, this headline caught my eye. Automattic acquisitions have a way of solidifying the success of other brands in the WordPress space, so I take this as a vote of confidence in the quality and value of MailPoet. I also thing the tie-in the story on the WP Tavern suggests with WooCommerce is both sensible and reasonable. I think this is probably a good move for Automatic.

(In this paragraph I might wax philosophical about how all of the WordPress ecosystems is eventually acquired, but I’ll keep it short. I have mixed feelings when independent things are bought my bigger companies. And in WordPress it’s the same as everywhere else.)

Have you used MailPoet? Love it? Hate it? “It seemed OK”? I’d love to hear it all in the comments 🤓

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