Attractive Google Font and Web Font Pairings with

Typography is maybe the cornerstone of attractive web design, as I like to remind myself with the screenshots I took of highly reputable websites like the New England Journal of Medicine converted to Comic Sans.

But if you’re more a jack-of-all-trades than a designer specifically, it can be hard to know what font pairings work well within the large range of font choices afforded to us by Google Fonts.

That’s where is so useful. It’s a hand-curated list of font pairings from a list that includes both Google fonts and web fonts, categorized by type: serif headings/serif body, sans-serif headings/serif body, and so on.

Paired with Easy Google Fonts┬áto actually pull in the fonts I need, this tool means I’m confident in the typography choices I make on just about every site I work on. I can highly recommend its pairings—but if you don’t like what it has on offer, simply Google “best Google Font pairs” and see what other similar sites have to say about it.

Image credit: Catherine Shyu

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