Armando & Full Site Editing Themes

This article from Justin Tadlock over at WP Tavern caught my attention over holiday break. While Justin’s been talking about full-site editing themes for a while, Armando was the first of these “future of WordPress themes” that I took a look at.

And that is… different. Somewhat to my chagrin — I am, remember, a lover of that weird and wonderful programming language, PHP — there is not really a lot familiar in Carolina Nymark Armando theme. The use of PHP in the theme is very stripped-down from what it has been in the past. For those not scared by such things, here’s the Github repository for it.

If you look around, you’ll notice that the only sign of the classic WordPress template hierarchy in the root directory of the theme is an index.php file. And that all that file does is sometimes show an error message.

As to how it does work, I’ll leave that as an exercise for the reader. Mostly because I don’t fully understand it yet. If you’re interested in digger deeper in the arriving-later-this-year future of WordPress themes, its worth knowing that Carolina also has a whole site about full-site editing. Definitely worth at least a little study 🤓

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