Apply to Speak at WordCamp US 2020

WordCamp Miami 2014

From the insular dream-world of COVID-19 Quarantines sweeping into new countries everyday, this feels a little strange to be talking about WordCamp US. The idea that at some point in the future I’ll eventually go to a place where hundred of people intentionally huddle together, shake hands, etc. But it used to happen once upon a time. And I’m guessing that it will again.

So, when it does, why don’t you make yourself a VIP by speaking? That’s right! WordCamp US’s organizers have thrown open the doors to applications to speak at this coming November’s event—in-person or not. So if you’ve got an important and valuable talk you’d like to give to the audience, you should definitely apply to speak. And because I’m on top of things, I’m letting you know a few weeks before the application window closes. 🤓

Image credit: Blanca Stella Mejia

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