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If you asked me what single location on the internet hosts the liveliest conversation between WordPress developers, I’d point you to the Advanced WordPress Group on Facebook.

Moderated by the great Matt Cromwell (of the Give plugin and lots else), Advanced WordPress is a fire hose of truth on how to be a good WordPress developer—mixed in with just enough pleasantly irritating uninformed questions (“What’s the fastest way to covert [sic] a site into WordPress?”) to get that keyboard clacking.

It’s a closed group, but there’s almost 24,000 of us in there; you just have to ask to join. Come in, the water’s warm!

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  • Thanks for the kind write-up Fred! AWP really is a fun place to chat all things WP related. We have 30+ Admins actually, and we do our best to keep the irrelevant Q’s and discussions out of the group, but with 24K members now, it’s hard to keep up!

    Thanks again!

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