A Quick Tour of Full-Site Editing in WordPress

If you saw my post from last week looking at full-site editing you might wonder what it’s like. And if you’re lazy/busy like me, you probably haven’t yet made a point of giving it a run-through on your own. So I really appreciated that WPShout friend Eric Karkovack took the time to install and write up the experience of fooling around with the Q theme.

I recommend you give the whole post a read-over, as he covers a number of thoughts and ideas around full-site editing I’d not considered. But this particularly caught my eye:

One thing to note is that, at this point, it appears custom templates will need to follow the WordPress template hierarchy naming conventions. That is, the slug of a custom template should match the name of its corresponding purpose within your theme (without the .php at the end).

For example, if you want to build a template to be used on your home page, its slug should be named front-page. Want to target the About Us page (yoursite.com/about-us/)? A template with the slug of page-about-us will do the trick.

I guess maybe the death of WPHierarchy.com isn’t presently imminent. 🤪

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