A Great Comparison of Local-Development WordPress Options

I really really appreciate this rundown of the major options for setting up a local WordPress development (which is to say—on your own computer) that Ram Ratan Maurya updated for Delicious Brains. I feel like on the whole for those of you new to the concepts involved, I don’t (currently) know of a better place I would point you to get a sense of what the major options are for setting WordPress up on your local computer are, and what their major strengths and weaknesses. (Perhaps we should work on one here… 🤔)

In any case, I’ll add some colorful information about my own choices—mostly I actually use Laravel Valet, for my local WordPress development. That said: I do not recommend anyone *new* to the idea of local development does that. Mostly because it’s more complicated and error-prone then ALL the options that the article talks about. But unlike some of those options, it also works great for Laravel (and Symfony) sites, which I maintain a few of.

I thought of summarizing Ram’s findings here, but I think you can and should just click through and read them over on their site. 🤓

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