A GitHub Action to Deploy to the Plugin Repo

Deploying a WordPress plugin to the WordPress.org repository has been challenging for most developers for at least a few years. Why? Mostly because almost no one learns Subversion (the version control system that WordPress.org uses) anymore. So we’ve all cobbled together different versions of things that kind of work. And at least for me, I often forget what mine is, and how to use it. (For those real nerdy folks, what I have used a variation of Scribu’s scripts: http://scribu.net/blog/deploying-from-git-to-svn.html. It works for me, but I wouldn’t really recommend it as the perfect system. It’s just good enough that I’ve not sought an alternative.)

For that reason, many people including me were quite excited to see this post on the 10up blog from Helen Hou-Sandi. What she announces is that using the new GitHub Actions (still in beta) feature, they’ve developed a way to fairly seamlessly deploy a GitHub repository as a plugin on WordPress.org. To get it working you’ll need to be approved for the GitHub Actions beta, or wait for its wide release. (I’m still waiting for approval.)

But anything that makes deploying plugins easier for most developers is very welcomed, so I’m excited for this. Yay Helen and 10up!

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