A Fun Gravatar Alternative in Pixel Avatars

Ben Gillbanks has been a minor celebrity in my internet world for over a decade at this point. Even back in the 9rules days (if you knew what that was without looking, please sound off in the comments. I love OG interneters, as a general rule.).

Anyways, he’s still a mover-and-shaker in the WordPress world, and lately I’ve been watching with some interest his Jetpack alternative called Toolbelt. And with this story about a fun new feature, my interest is higher.

I’ll be frank, WordPress’s default “alternative icons for people without Gravatars” have always ranged from acceptable to bad. Back when I was making (bad) WordPress themes to teach myself PHP, figuring out a way to not-show default avatars while still showing ones that had been configured was a weeks-long project. (Thank you now-forgotten username on a now-forgotten forum for the pointers on that!)

Back on track: I just love how cool the Pixel Avatars are. You should give them a look, and read Justin’s story at the Tavern for even more details and history.

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