A Free Gutenberg Course from CSS-Tricks!?

There are few brands more synonymous with quality in the web development niche than CSS-Tricks. (A List Apart comes to mind. Smashing Magazine, maybe. We work for you to think of us that way…)

So when I saw that CSS-Tricks had a free text-based walk-through of how to do Gutenberg development for free, I knew I had to share. That Lara Schenck is a coauthor just made it even more important that I do. (I totally mean to name-drop here, but I had the pleasure of meeting Lara at Loop Conf this year. We’re low-key nerd friends because we played a board game and saw Black Panther. :p)

Because of how different Gutenberg development is from what “WordPress developers” have been doing for years, the course is not brief. I’d schedule a half-day or so to read it all and put chunks of it into practice if you want to get the most out of it. But this is a clear, concise, and fantastic free offering from Lara and Andy Bell. It’s got the requisite stuff: what’s React anyway? What’s a block? What’s create-guten-block? All there.

If you’re starting to think you should get to the bottom of this Gutenberg blocks thing (you should!), this is the new de-facto place to start. Do not miss it!

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