2017 State of the Word

If you were there, WordCamp US this past weekend in Nashville was a great time. It was also the chance to explain what was happening in the community for the man who told me when I asked if he was WordPress’s “Benevolent Dictator for Life”–“that’s what the Wikipedia page says”.

Matt’s talk was very good. I loved the continued use of guest appearances. But that doesn’t really matter to you. What matters is what concrete things were announced and updated. And I think Brian Krogsgard’s write-up at Post Status is basically the best you’ll find.

The highlights for me were:

  • The WordPress Foundation is starting to take personal donation. This is necessary to protect its non-profit status, and thus its continued functioning in roughly the ways it has for a while. (This change is because WordCamps are no longer causing lots of donations to the foundation, as they’re maintained as a separate legal entity).
  • Tide from XWP is making its way onto WordPress.org. I’m not sure I yet understand fully what it is (other priorities) but the general idea intrigues me.
  • Gutenberg is “coming” in April. And Matias gave a very compelling demo of it.

Need more details? Check out the rest in Brian’s article.


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