10up Actions from Quick Plugin Deploy from Github

If there’s one problem that developers have with the WordPress.org Plugin (and Theme) directories, it’s most likely to be that the process of deploying the Subversion repositories used by that site is annoying, complicated, and cumbersome. I’ve been looking for a solution for a while, and this (pre-Christmas 🙃) post from Helen Hou-Sandi has me really excited for 10up and Github’s new “Actions” feature.

What they’ve released (best I can tell) is a simple quick way that I can deploy a update to a WordPress plugin right from a Github repository. And without maintaining my own set of small shell scripts which is supposed to make it easier to do. I have to admit it’ll likely be a few more weeks before I try these out, but I’m really hopeful that they’ll be the WordPress.org deployment story of my dreams. ☺️

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