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Fewer Plugin Admin Banners? Yes Please

It looks like the plugin review team (which often means “Mika Epstein,” who is without a doubt the most dedicated and prominent member of said team) is looking to clarify and extend the guidelines about plugin admin notices in WordPress. You know those things that clutter up *a lot* of screens on *a lot* of the Dashboards of WordPress sites clients, friends, etc show you? Yes, let’s celebrate Mika’s pushing to clarify the rules and make these a little less common.

Core Concepts of WordPress Themes Webinar

Next Thursday, I’m giving a talk at SiteLock. If you’re a person who has thought about learning how to develop WordPress themes for a while and never really gotten around to it, this is the perfect talk for you. We’ll cover things that make the whole of WordPress theming make sense. The idea is that we’ll essentially cover the prerequisites so that you’ll be better able to make sense of the next steps and maybe ever dive right in.

Is Josepha Haden Rocking WP Leadership?

I’m not a WordPress core contributor. I don’t write the code, and I don’t make it a priority in my life to be contributing to the Marketting, Accessibility, WP-CLI, Support, Themes, or any other of the volunteer teams that keep WordPress a healthy ecosystem. And I don’t know enough of the people who do that work to claim to have my finger on the pulse of what’s going on for them.