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Get Your WordCamp Denver Tickets ASAP!

I realize this is local news, but we’re trying to make sure we sell out WordCamp Denver this year, which requires some exceptional effort. So if you’re near Denver, Colorado, and don’t have plans for Saturday July 28, you should come to WordCamp Denver. As I write this (Tuesday afternoon) I only see three spots in our Sunday workshops open! But we’ve still got plenty of tickets for Saturday 😊

The WordPress Jargon Glossary

The WordPress Marketing team has put together a pretty cool resource: a guide to a lot of the weird lingo you’ll hear casually cast-off in WordPress conversations without context. While I hope that this can move to a more canonical place: (with a built-in quick-search feature) would be AMAZING, I love the approach that Bridget Willard and the team have taken to break down some of the unintended barriers that new people to WordPress face.

Come Speak at WordCamp Denver

If you’re in and around Colorado, or you just want an excuse to visit, you should come out to WordCamp Denver this year. Rather than just being a supporter, I’m on the organizing team this year.