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Automattic Acquires MailPoet

Without knowing this news, MailPoet came up organically last night in a discussion we were having at the Fort Collins WordPress Meetup. Someone was looking to send an email newsletter from WordPress, and MailPoet was the option a few of us had heard of for that. (No one had used it.)

WordPress 5.6 Field Guide

Always a worthy read, the Field Guide for the next version WordPress—5.6—is here. The new theme, application passwords being integrated, and a load of incremental updates are the highlight features for me. Sure to be a solid release, but if you’ve got an older site you’re not paying attention to, the jQuery update remains a source of possible fear.

Some JAMstack Drama…

I have to admit that one of the places I feel I most conspicuously show my age is how little interest I have these days for the latest of web-dev hype. I would consider the “JAMstack” hype train one of those things. I’m vaguely aware of it, I know that a lot of people I respect as “cutting edge developers” are super into it. But I just don’t really care. (And only part of that is because it is 2020 😝)

Everything About Gutenberg Block Patterns

I admit I haven’t been following the concept and execution of Gutenberg Block Patterns very closely. Primarily this is because visual design has never been with a strong suit for me, nor (consequently) something I spent much time on. It is precisely for this reason that I’m so grateful for Birgit Pauli-Haack’s “WordPress Block Patterns Resource List.”

Never Test on Production Again!

I’ve somewhat intentionally given this little story about a new WordPress 5.5 feature a silly title. But as this story from Sarah Gooding over at the Tavern illustrates, people are already putting the new WordPress wp_get_environment_type() function to good use. And this story was doubly-interesting to me because I for one had no earthly idea that this new function existed. 😳

Pass Data to Template Files in WordPress 5.5+

I’m a sucker for small useful programmer features. While most of the WordPress peeps are chockablock with opinions on Gutenberg blocks vs PAGE BUILDER OF CHOICE, I just want you to know that you can now pass some variable around in your template files. If you’ve looked at the PHP files in a theme, you may be familiar with functions like get_template_part().

Come to (Virtual) WordCamp Denver!

In just about two weeks (depending on when you read this 🤓) the WordCamp that I (David) have been helping to organize for a few years—I actually forget if I helped in 2017 🤷‍♂️—is happening. That is it’s WordCamp Denver 2020 time. Because of that whole bother about COVID, we’re going to be virtual, which does mean that if your area has good time-zone overlap with the US, you can likely attend all or parts of it live. And we’d love to have you!