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Understanding theme.json

One of the more consequential features of WordPress 5.8 I didn’t pay much attention to before it was released was theme.json. Which is “just another file in your WordPress theme” but also a whole lot more. I’ll just quote Jeff Ong from over on

Good Interview with Matt Mullenweg & Josepha Haden Chomposy

I really enjoyed watching this little interview with between Mark & Keith from Highrise Digital and Matt Mullenweg and Josepha Haden Chomposy (who are probably the two most influential people shaping WordPress today). Nothing that anyone said was really a surprise or revelation to me, but it was all helpful and “orienting” to hear again what their thought process is, what’s been happening lately, etc.

WordSesh 2021 is Approaching

Next week(!) is WordSesh. For those who aren’t familiar, WordSesh is a free online-first (has been doing it since before it became how all events are ;p) WordPress conference. It is totally free for live (and nearly-live attendance). (If you’re a more-than-24-hours-after-conference-end slow poke on a talk, you’ll just have to become a WPSessions member to see talk recordings.)

WordPress 5.7 Field Guide

If there’s one post I *always* read about the latest/upcoming WordPress release, it’s these “field guide” posts on They’re a concise summary of the major highlights to keep an eye on.

State of Website Builders

I think it’s a good practice for us WordPress Pros to at least keep an eye on what’s going on the world of websites outside of our chosen CMS. A quick and effective way to learn about other ways people learn WordPress is this little article from Steve Benjamins at SiteBuilderReport.

The WP Briefing Podcast

Here we are sharing news of a podcast so new that you probably can’t even easily subscribe to in your podcast player. (Or at least I failed. Because they’re still mid-podcast-directory approval, it seems.) But I just listened to the first episode and I think it’s definitely worth keeping in on your radar.

A Quick Tour of Full-Site Editing in WordPress

If you saw my post from last week looking at full-site editing you might wonder what it’s like. And if you’re lazy/busy like me, you probably haven’t yet made a point of giving it a run-through on your own. So I really appreciated that WPShout friend Eric Karkovack took the time to install and write up the experience of fooling around with the Q theme.

Are you competing with

You may have seen the headlines about how is coming for all the freelancers. For those that didn’t see it, (owned by a company called Automattic) recently announced that its “premium website building service”  is now officially accepting customer applications for “websites starting at $4,900 USD.”