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Changing in PHP 7.4

Now that WordPress is actively pushing the community and sites that run it toward more modern versions of PHP, it’s extra important to follow language changes. That’s where this summary of the most consequential features of the forthcoming PHP 7.4 for WordPress development form Jonathan Desrosiers comes in. He does a great job of quickly and approachably explaining all the features and changes that the language will bring.

Justin Tadlock Joins WP Tavern

Back in 2007, when I was just coming to terms with WordPress, Justin Tadlock was out at the forefront of what I understood WordPress to be. In the (gosh!) 12 years since, Justin’s stayed busy in the WordPress space, but also done some other things like share on his blog about his small farm.

An Advisory Board for WordPress

I like the direction that Josepha Haden is pushing WordPress. She’s making strides to put the whole project on an even better trajectory. Toward better collaboration, better effectiveness, more inclusive. It’s not the case that I (as a random person far from the core of most of the projects) know a lot about how it feels to people more involved, but I hope and see signs that those more-involved agree.

We were on the BoldLife podcast!

We were on the BoldLife podcast. It was a great time. We (well, especially Fred) talked a length about the complex reality of where generous human people meet the weird world of corporate policies. More than that, we talked about what that means when you’re shopping for the best WordPress hosting for  your own website. And why talking to the nicest person from one of the those companies is probably a less reliable way of finding good hosting than we are.