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David’s Talk on Using Functional PHP

I gave one of my most-loved conference talks last week at Southeast PHP. (That’s Southeast United States 🤓) In preparation, I recorded the talk as a video and put it on YouTube. And, I made a valiant, but ultimately failed attempt to distill the whole talk into written text. I did get a non-zero amount of it into written form, and if there’s demand (which you can easily express on the linked page), I will try again to write-up the rest.

Mel Choyce’s Talk About Gutenberg + Customizer

I went to LoopConf a few weeks back and had a great time. The one talk there that I think absolutely everyone who’s even a little worried or curious about Gutenberg should see is Mel Choyce’s on the future of customizing WordPress now that we’re getting Gutenberg. If you’re ready, just start watching now:

Sandi Metz: You Are Insufficiently Persuasive

One of my favorite very nerdy hobbies is watching conference talks from tech conferences I don’t attend. In my time doing that, Sandi Metz — who is best known inside the Ruby community — is one the consistently good speakers I always seek out. Her talk from RubyConf in New Orleans last year is no exception to the rule. You should watch it and be nerdy like me: