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Sandi Metz: You Are Insufficiently Persuasive

One of my favorite very nerdy hobbies is watching conference talks from tech conferences I don’t attend. In my time doing that, Sandi Metz — who is best known inside the Ruby community — is one the consistently good speakers I always seek out. Her talk from RubyConf in New Orleans last year is no exception to the rule. You should watch it and be nerdy like me:

Do the WordPress Wiggle

WordCamp Denver was last weekend. And it was a really great event which I would recommend that everyone try to get to in future years. I got to hang out lots of nice friends, old and new, and it was a very good (and tasty) time. But the most sharable highlight is definitely a song commissioned by Zack Katz of GravityView, by the artist Jonathan Mann who may be best known as “Song-a-Day Mann.” It’s *real* catchy, and it’s all about WordPress:

What Makes a WooCommerce Website Successful?

If you haven’t checked out the WP Tonic Podcast yet, now is a great time to tune in. In this episode, WordPress leaders Scott Buscemi, Sallie Goetsch, Morten Rand-Hendriksen, and John Locke discuss WooCommerce and share their thoughts on how you can actually be successful using it on your site. There’s also a very interesting discussion about some of the WordPress world’s more notable recent news stories. I really appreciated their thoughts on Automattic’s structure (or lack their of) and how it impacts developers.

Running a Business While Keeping Up With Changing Technology

In this recent post over at envato tuts+ WordPress leader Tom McFarlin shares some of the key lessons he’s learned about navigating changing technology as a developer. Tom first shared his insights at his recent talk on the same topic at WordCamp San Diego, which you can catch the video of. I appreciated his advice to go deep rather than broad when it comes to your knowledge. In an industry like web development where tools change so rapidly, it’s helpful to have examples of people who have committed to WordPress almost exclusively and been very successful because of it.