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Secret Mechanisms of CSS

As a very non-expert CSS author, I really appreciated this talk from Josh Comeau where he covers a few of the more confusing and surprising parts of the language.

Understanding Query Loop Blocks

I really appreciated this little video from Wes Theron over at about the Query Loop block. Mostly because while I’d fiddled with it a bit, I hadn’t really explored its richness in the new Site Editor. If you and I have that in common (or especially if you’ve never even fiddled with a Query Loop block), please give the video seven minutes.

Should you make an app?

Tom Scott is one of my favorite YouTubers. (I know a lot of nerdy YouTube channels these days.) He is clear, knowledgeable, and a bit like what I’d make on YouTube if I’d started eight years ago and was British.

The Algorithms of CSS

I really loved this talk from Lara Schenck. Part of that’s because I love to have abstract technical conversations about things like “What is a programming language?” and “What even is life?” Part of that is just because she does a great job covering a complex topic with a fun touch on a touchy topic.