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More than you need to know about WP’s Database

I really love this little tour from Iain Poulson at Delicious Brains about the WordPress database. There isn’t a lot in this that I didn’t know or couldn’t guess. That may well be true for you too. But if you don’t feel like you know WordPress’s database well (or even if you do) you can’t really compete with how simple and approachable its whole format it. By simply listing each of the database’s table and explaining what each column does, you can’t read this article and not have *profoundly* deepened your understanding of WordPress’s database and how it works. So please give it a look 🙂

Learn CSS min(), max(), and clamp()

To be clear: I am bad at CSS and the last person you should listen to when you want to learn how to do it better. (My friend Lara Schenck comes to my mind as someone you SHOULD listen to about CSS: Anyway, the point is that I was excited to learn that the min(), max(), and clamp() functions are starting be well-supported by browsers. Because it means I can write *even less* CSS. And I’m about as enthusiastic as this very-polished YouTube tutorial is about them:

Narrative of making a Gutenblock

I enjoyed this little “essay” from Leo over at Design Bombs. First, it was great to read as an introduction to the new Gutenberg-block-making tool I didn’t even know was out. The article does a great job giving you the snippets and outputs so I’m able to fall easily, without breaking a sweat. As someone who has gotten a little rusty on Gutenblocks, it was really fun to work with the code virtually.

3 Cool Gutenberg Tricks

I really enjoyed this little (video-heavy) post from Bud Kraus about some cool and harder-to-find features of Gutenberg. I’ll even cop-to the fact that I only kind of knew one of them. Which I am a little embarassed by. But tell you because it means YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT THE POST.

Chris Coyier on Learning WordPress Themes Now

For those who haven’t been knocking around the WordPress sphere for a long time, there’s a possibility that the name “Chris Coyier” and CSS-Tricks isn’t so well known. Chris is great, generous thoughtful guy, and if you’ve got a front-end interest at all, you really should be following CSS-Tricks. To a degree rare in the world CSS-Tricks is just a consistently useful, modest, and modern place to read about all the parts of WordPress development, CSS very much included (though hardly the only topic).

A Complete Guide to Flexbox

If you’re still hesitant to learn CSS’s Flexbox module, today’s the day. This Flexbox guide from CSS-Tricks is so beautifully clear and so visual that, in my experience, Flexbox almost learned itself—you just need to point your open eyes toward the screen.