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An Introduction to PHP Web Scraping

Over at Thoughtful Code, I recently published an introduction to PHP web scraping based on some hard-won lessons I’ve had over the last few months doing it for keeps. It’s a skill that few people have, and which you might want to use carefully, but it’s super powerful when you need data you can see on a web page, have a reasonable legal right to, and can’t get from a comfortable and friendly programming API.

Make WordPress Page Cache Plugins Fly on Nginx

This was a great little read about server performance matters from Ashley Rich over at Delicious Brains. While I think most WordPress users (and even most WordPress developers) don’t really need to be expert server administrators, at least delving into the topics from time-to-time is super valuable if you’re going to be the most skilled developer you can be, and understand how parts outside of your “core stack” interact.

How to Convert A WordPress Shortcode To A Gutenberg Block

Our friend Josh Pollock recently published a guide which I wish I’d written (and which I may yet, because it’s a good idea, and I’m sure going to be growingly-common question). It’s about how to go from a shortcode, which is that [square-bracketed] things of the past, to the Gutenberg-y thing of the future: blocks!

Two ways to build Gutenberg Blocks

Our friend Jason Bahl has put together one of the most quietly exhaustive tutorials I’ve seen on what it’s like to actually make a “Gutenblock” with all the code bits and where all of them go. One of my biggest uncertainties about Gutenberg is how many WordPress developers will need to be creating Gutenberg block and how easy they will find it. All of that points to the fact that regardless of how it turns out we’ll need a lot of different good tutorials about making Gutenblocks and the subtleties of that process.

Getting Black Friday right for WordPress products

Black Friday is a great opportunity for WordPress products, but offering a straight discount isn’t necessarily the best way to go: you need to balance existing customers, price-sensitive potential customers, and deal-searchers, and a straight discount leaves at least one of those groups dissatisfied.