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Find the WordPress Database Options Belonging to a Plugin

Great little guide from Mike at WP Bullet about how to figure out, using WP-CLI and grep the options that are related to a specific WordPress plugin. There’s nothing here that surprised me. And I’ll not that you can do effectively the same thing using any interface to the database data, including something like phpMyAdmin.

How to Start Unit Testing WordPress Plugins

I really appreciated this article from Carl Alexander about getting better at developing WordPress plugins. When most people (myself included) first hear about unit tests, you want to go set all old code on fire. But you can’t do that, so Carl offers some practical advice about how to incorporate testing practices into places where you’ve not historically been doing it. For most of us in WordPress, that’s everywhere.

ORM Patterns: Active Record vs Data Mapper

In one of the least-relevant-to-WordPress articles I published there, I recently covered the difference between an active record ORM system vs one using the data matter pattern. ORMs are essentially systems by which PHP (or any language) objects are stored-to and retrieved-from the database.

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