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How to Write and Run Shell Scripts

I really appreciated this little summary about how to make BASH scripts from Lara Schenck. People will be all over the map in terms of where they come to the concept of “shell scripting” or “run a command on the terminal,” but if these concepts are pretty new to you, Lara’s article is approachable and brings you along from “I kind of know what that is” to “I’ve written a simple script.”

Deep Introduction to Block Themes

Over at CSS-Tricks, Ganesh Dahal offers this great summary of the state of block theming. As one of the large majority who hasn’t had the time to follow all the developments in this area of WordPress closely, I found his extensive tour of what’s going on around them quite helpful.

Block Theme Primer

I’m still very much in learning-more mode when it comes to Block Themes in WordPress. While I’ve been comfortable with “classic” themes for almost my whole time in WordPress I was waiting for WordPress 5.9 to understand block themes and how they differ. For precisely that reason I really appreciated this article (from old WPShout friend) Eric Karkovack summarizing the major points of them.

Modern Fluid Typography

Smashing Magazine is always a good place to stumble across links from. And as someone who last did CSS in earnest almost seven years ago, I really appreciated this complete rundown of how to use the CSS clamp function to get good responsiveness working in just a little bit of work.

Some Emoji-Accessibility Guidance

I’m not an accessibility expert, but I am a big emoji fan (as frequent readers may be aware 🤪). So I took a pretty keen interest in a story from Ryan Kan purporting to make me better at accessibility with specific regard to emojis.

Guide to the new Query Loop Block

I was talking with the current students in the Up and Running Bootcamp last week about the new Query Block in WordPress 5.8. I had to admit I’d not really played with it much myself. For that reason, I was quite excited that when I sat down to look for posts to share this morning with you all, I found this great little guide to it that Justin Tadlock put together over on the WP Tavern a few weeks ago.

What’s Coming in PHP 8.1

PHP 8.1 is very much in progress, and is slated to come out in November. While WordPress developers often (and reasonably) don’t use many of the features of PHP 7, nevermind PHP-8-only features, some of these things are at least worst knowing about. Seeing where the language is going (even if you can’t write code that way yet) is always worthwhile.