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Amazing Weekly Web Dev Link-Collection, August 21 Edition

Over on her blog at Lireo Designs, Deborah Edwards-Onoro has been collecting an amazing array of great content about web design and development for while. And I had no earthly idea. It was only when I randomly noticed that she’d been sharing some great links on Twitter that Deborah let me know there was a whole lot more where that came from.

A Great Comparison of Local-Development WordPress Options

I really really appreciate this rundown of the major options for setting up a local WordPress development (which is to say—on your own computer) that Ram Ratan Maurya updated for Delicious Brains. I feel like on the whole for those of you new to the concepts involved, I don’t (currently) know of a better place I would point you to get a sense of what the major options are for setting WordPress up on your local computer are, and what their major strengths and weaknesses. (Perhaps we should work on one here… 🤔)

Shout Out to the Pods Plugin

pods plugin logo

I’m working on a WordPress project that needs custom post types, custom fields, custom taxonomies, and custom taxonomy meta. To do this, I installed three entirely separate plugins: CPT UI, Advanced Custom Fields, and a taxonomy metabox solution that I regret using (its code dates back to before WordPress had taxonomy meta, and uses its own custom data structure).

Tinkerwell for WordPress

As someone who has been tracking both the WordPress world and the Laravel world for years, I was intrigued by Ross Wintle highlighting something I didn’t really know much about. (If I’m honest, it’s been about a year since I was dipping into Laravel regularly.)

10up Actions from Quick Plugin Deploy from Github

If there’s one problem that developers have with the Plugin (and Theme) directories, it’s most likely to be that the process of deploying the Subversion repositories used by that site is annoying, complicated, and cumbersome. I’ve been looking for a solution for a while, and this (pre-Christmas 🙃) post from Helen Hou-Sandi has me really excited for 10up and Github’s new “Actions” feature.